Deep Immune Profiling

Deep Immune Profiling service provide more detailed view of the major immune cell types and their subsets. In our "deep immune profiling" service, in addition to the major cell types, many additional subsets can be identified and quantified. Customized panels of ~ 40 markers are used in our deep immune profiling service. Automated clustering algorithms (e.g., phenograph, FlowSOM, etc.) as well as manual gating strategies are used to phenotype and quantify immune cell populations and visualized with t-SNE or UMAP dimensionality reduction techniques.

  • Number of markers : ~ 40

  • Number of cell types and their subsets : 10 - 20

  • Number of cytokines and chemokines : ~ 10

  • Dimensionality reduction & 2D-visualization : t-SNE, UMAP

  • Manual gating : Included

  • Automated clustering algorithms used : PhenoGraph, FlowSOM

  • Quantification of immune cell populations : included

  • Quantification of cellular cytokine/chemokine : included

Our service workflow is here !!